Monday, November 19, 2001

Okay it's been about a month since I last blogged. Things are kind of different just a tiny bit. SPENDING TOO MUCH FREAKIN MONEY NOW!! I'm having trouble sleeping the past few days. I slept at 6:00 AM the past three days.. I just can't sleep too much stuff on my mind( and it's not about school FREAK!) I need to concentrate on my school now especially since I graduate pretty soon next May. Man this past two week-ends have been different and interesting. Last week-end we went to FUBAR. Ritchie was wasted by the ways. It was cool... (for someone who doesn't like going clubbing it was good) It was nice seeing a lot of people again. I haven't seen those people for a while.. (ie.. the people who don't live in Surrey).. First time in a while that I actually had fun clubbing in Vancouver. I love going clubbing out of town but that was the first time in a while that I had fun clubbing in Vancouver. Crazy people in there.

This week-end was pretty tiring too.. Maybe it's just because I haven't been sleeping properly. Sleep at 6:00 Am.. damn... I'm tired. But I can't sleep.. Not going to school for sure tomorrow or else I gotta wake up in about 4 and half hours. What did we do this week-end. Friday, we just chilled at Gee's house and then we went to BG's.. Hung out with some people.. Then Saturday, I went shopping bought some clothes.. Then waited at Ced's house till it was Randy's party thing.. We ate at this place called (I don't remember) Succezz.. or something like that.... I don't remember.. It was in the corner of Homer and Smithe... around there.. It was pretty cool.. Different setting.. Had me some lambchops.. hmmmmmm.... Then we were suppose to go the Drink with Randy and his buddy's but we got too lazy so we played pool downtown. Some place called Rods or something.... Ryan hooked up and also Fran showed up... It was aights.. NOW THE INTERESTING THING IS!!! It was around 2:30 AM when we stopped playing ... 20 minutes away from my house right????? WRONG!!!! Left my car at Gee's house... and we had to drive emily home in Coquitlam, then Paulo, then Gee, then I had to drive Ced home.. Then I finally got to go home. around 4ish...... Then after all that driving........ You'd think that I was tired and fall straight to sleep... NOPE!! Can't sleep.... Somethings on my mind... Today was going to be my resting day... Nope... Had to pick up Fran to go to a GA for SFC.. If I didn't have to pick her up I bet I would have skipped it.... It was cool though hanging out with them... I had to wake up at 11:30... I know that's not bad.. but I need more sleep...

The funny thing is I don't know what's on my mind. Too much stuff. All I know is that I'm just suppose to be concentrating at School and that's it... No more.... I promised myself that.. I hope so... It also doesn't help that What I'm learning right now is so boring.. Networking Essentials.. READ LINES AFTER LINES AFTER LINES!!! Freakin boring as heck but you know... That is something I have to do... I'm freakin 24 years old still living at home and still being dependent of my parents.. (I"M NOT SURE IF THAT MADE SENSE BUT YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN)... Next year for sure, moving out... with or without friends to move out with. I can't believe I'm 24 already... HOLY CRAP!! I have to finish school.... Or else... don't know...

This past birthday was pretty different than the previous.... It really hit me that I'm 24..... and where the heck is my life going to? I was doing a lot of Soul-Searching per-say... A lot of thinking... I'm 24 and I'm always in front of the freakin computer...... I mean I like being in front of the computer... That's my future.. That's my future employment.. . But other than that and some other stuff.. I really don't want to be in front of the computer the whole night... Playing Games, Chatting, Surfing what-ever.. I need to enjoy life more.. I need to SEIZE LIFE!!! you know what I'm saying.... See that's what is wrong with the computer... People doesn't realize it but a simple computer, internet can take over your life.. Why???? cause you can get almost everything you need from the NET. But you know what... it still isn't the same as real life... Let me see would you guys rather be chatting with someone on the Computer or in Person... IN PERSON of course... It just isn't the same.. You gotta go out more.. Do more stuff.. There are so much stuff out there that we haven't done yet.... That is why.... me, and Ced was talking about this last night.... I really had fun this past two week-ends.... Cause we did different stuff than our usuall comfort zone things like BG's ( EVENTHOUGH WE STILL HUNG OUT THERE THOUGH).... or whatever... Can you guys actually believe this.... we actually hung out in Vancouver this past two week-ends what the heck... Hung out with different people... Different crowd.. Which was cool?? We actually got out of our Comfort Zone.. or me especially and did something else... that was fun....

It's too easy to stay at a certain comfort level.. Life won't be exciting.. It will get too boring ... Too whatever.... I was actually talking(e-mailing) to Ami(Ced's cousin) about this. She suggested to get out of the comfort zone.. But I didn't listen... You know what.... AMI your right... Thanks..

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Wow I haven't blogged in such a long time. I hope people still read my blog.. Anyways, getting ready for this SWR2 thing this week-end. I'm not really that excited. I'm getting used to this "don't expect anything then you won't be disappointed" phrase with the singles. I didn't expect anything from the last General Assembly and guess what it was really good. Some lady from the AGAPE group shared some stuff.. For all of you guys who don't know AGAPE is a ministry where these people walk the "bad" streets of Vancouver and gives candies and other things to "street" ladies. They basically support the people in those streets.. She was talking about how much she wants more people to join them and stuff. She also said don't be scared cause it said so in the Bible: " Do not be afraid ...... " or something like that (heehee!) sorry I don't remember the passage exactly but she was saying that she doesn't get scared about getting diseases or getting killed cause she knows that God's there protecting her and stuff.. Which was really cool... She also said that with her 3 years of doing this she's only been harrassed 15 times by pimps and other guys.. I was like 15 times... that's one too many for me.. Damn... She's really good at this though..

My mom told me a story once cause for some reason Richmond Hospital calls my house to ask my parents to pray for people in the hospital.. One story my mom was telling me was that she had to pray over this hooker/drug addict in the hospital.. She was told not to give her any money.. So my mom first called her and asked her what she needed.. The lady asked for a toothbrush... Wow! Something we take for granted is so important to other people. Anyways, she talked to this lady( she was a native ), and she was asking if she believed in God... She did.. She said that she believed in the creator and stuff.. Anyways, my mom prayed over her...
Another time, my mom was asked to pray over this kid in the hospital for some fatal diseas.. I don't remember what but she prayed over her and gave her one of my mom's Baby Jesus figures straight from Czech(I think!! somewhere in Europe, where my parents went after Africa), now this Baby Jesus has been blessed, prayed over, went to church( yes your hearing it right.. someone actually brings these figures to church to get blessed)... Then probably like 3 months ago, someone called our house, and it was the mom of the little kid. She is okay now.. She's not sick anymore and she was just thanking my mom for the support.. Miracles happen in our everyday life, sometimes we don't even realize it. I really believe that God is powerful. more than anyone can imagine.. I just hope that I won't be lazy and start serving him again. See I always have these talks with some of my classmates at school cause one of them supposedly studied all about these different religions. He always asks me How do you know that God is real? I always tell him.. You know what I really don't have any physical proof, but I just know and I started telling him about all the stuff that happenned in YFC... the camps, talks and stuff.. Anyways...

Oh wow, I just had a cause of DEJA VU!!! Someone's messing with the Matrix! (just playing)... Anyways, I didn't do anything these past 2 days besides school and STUPID WALK HOME!! Did I ever tell you guys I HATE WALKING!!! hrrrrrrrrr!!! It was raining so hard today too... man!!!! Can't I graduate already.. Next May still.... how many month's is that.... 7months still... dang.. Oh well.. having fun in school anyways.. We're finally learning real stuff.. ACCESS with VISUAL BASIC!! I like it.. Starting the project tomorrow.. Suppose to be hard according to Cedric. (he's a month ahead of me)... Time to play counter strike so see you all later... aights..

Monday, October 15, 2001

Sorry I didn't blog the follow up concerning my last blog but I've been too lazy this whole week-end to blog or anything.... Nothing much really happenned this week-end except for the General Assembly and the Music Ministry practise for the SFC..... Other than that nothing new really.... I heard Mike and Kim is going out now YEP!!!!! and also Rosabelle and Randolph... What the.... Another long distance thing What the again... I swear I had a topic to talk about but my mind completely went blank.... Nothing much change around here... Still Counter Strikin it.... Still watching tv, bread garden... same old stuff... Birthday's coming up though.... NO RITCHIE.. NO MORE DRINKING!!! I'd like to remember my birthday this year please.... anyways.. getting tired so see you all later

Friday, October 12, 2001

Let's see I'm at school right now bored already and I've only been here for like 15 minutes.. I got to school really early today cause I had to take the stupid bus to school. But that's not my topic for this morning. Last night I was falling asleep while driving from the usual Surrey to Richmond at 1:15 in the morning..

Then I decided why not day dream. Then I started looking back at my life and stuff. I started thinking: Why would anybody pick me as Cluster Head of YFC before? or Why would anybody pick me as the group leader in school? What's so special about "little" old me? To tell you guys the truth I don't know. But I just can't say no to responsibility. I guess I was just born a LEADER! or was I? I really have no clue. I guess GOD hand picked me from all these people to be this certain type of individual. Most of my life I always wondered what things do I excel at? (ex. Michael Jordan excels in basketball ........etc.. ) I always wanted to play every single sport out there but I never excelled in any of them.. I'm just good. But then I realized while driving home last night that I am an excellent leader. (I'M NOT BEING COCKY!! I AM) when I talk people listen. I don't care anything about attention.. I'm not the attention seeker. Example would be in school, people always check with me first on how or when I"m going to finish this project or this exam and then they will do the same thing.

During YFC times, I'm not the worlds best talker or facilitator but for some reason I think I did really good as cluster head. It's all God's work. He gave me this certain AURA ( I think that's how you spell it) or a certain charisma (I THINK?????). Anyways, I don't want anybody from school reading this so I'll get back on this topic when I get home okay.. later

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Let's see now, it's back to normal life again after that kind of "vacation" or "service" that I experienced this week-end.. It was real cool. Anyways, starting to get to the fun stuff at school now. Learning how to combine a database(ex. ACCESS) with Visual Basic... So far so good.. It's all programming now from here on except for networking essentials and business skills 3.. It should be fun now.. no more stupid Systems Analysis... Nothing much has been happenning since I got back.. We watched Training Day this past Tuesday... It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.. See it's my kind of movie but it confused the heck out of me.. I didn't like the story line.. It was okay.. SNOOP HAD ABOUT 2 MINUTES OF FAME!!!! even Dr. Dre had more of a part.. Snoop didn't even stand up... he was on a wheel-chair... Anyways, I'm getting everybody obssessed with Counter-Strike.. Even Cedric always plays it now.... At first it was just Mike Antonio, then Ritchie, then Cedric... WHO'S NEXT???? I bet it's VICTOR!!! He's a gamer... I swear I can't stop playing it... Anyways, be back later.. aights

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Wow, heck of a week-end.. Me, John, Vanessa, Victor and Rhedora(I think that's how you spell it), went to Edmonton this past long week-end to help Debby and Butch serve at the Great Adventure Week-end. It was totally awesome. Vic drove both ways the whole way (CRAZY!!!) (It's the pride thing again) Anyways, he also got a speeding ticket on the way back plus he couldn't find his wallet so you can imagine having 5 people searching a 2002 Explorer with a cop lights on and everything parked behind us... It was pretty cool.. I got a smoke break...

Anyways, that wasn't the main topic of the week-end.. It was nice to serve again.. Did my first talk in like 3 years? I was so scared and also I led a discussion group for the first time in like 3 years too... That was cool also... Made Cheers and all that stuff which was cool but the main thing was that I was back to doing something I love and feel so at home. It was cool.. First time I ever worked with the full-time workers ( Butch and Debby ), which was really cool.. Cause if you don't know me very well I could care less about the full-timers except of the people straight from the Phils (ex. Kuya Louis and Kuya Raffy).... So that was kind of cool... My talk was about I love you just the way you are and it's basically about loving yourself for what God has given you cause everybody is beautiful in their own unique way.... It was awesome .. I liked that talk.. Eventhough I still don't think my talk while I was talking didn't make any sense.. I GUESS I DID!! Oh well.... That was totally awesome... OH YEAH!! I ONLY HAD A TOTAL OF 2 SMOKES for the whole week-end... THAT WAS CRAZY!!!! man was I drinking lots of coffee..... After the camp when we went back to the coordinators house and I had a smoke... HOLY LIGHT HEADED!!! Anyways, it was awesome didn't have lots of smoke.... didn't spend lots of money ( EXCEPT BUYING DEBBY DRINKS (2) CAUSE SHE KEPT BEATING ME AT POOL)... Hey I beat her twice.... See we had this bet cause she took my smokes and if she beats me 3 times then I buy her a smirnoffs and then if I beat her twice then she gives me back my smokes...( I MADE THIS BET KNOWING THAT SHE'S REALLY GOOD AT POOL AND I HAVEN'T PLAYED IN LIKE 3 YEARS) She killed me!!! ANyways,, I 'm bored at home now cause I didn't go to school today so, I'm about to head out and chill so see you all later aights...

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

I DON'T LIKE GOING CLUBBING!!! I just realized that over the week-end.. We'll actually I like going clubbing in the normal places and not the usual Ghetto places. There is this club close to the border called "Funky Planet".. It was pretty cool. I mean it wasn't packed or anything but I liked it. It was a nice place. People from Washington State was there and Western Washington University.. It was cool it was like a school setting.... Then comparing it to this club called "The Drink" (USED to be called Madissons).. Anyways, this place is just full of playas and hustlers.. The setting is totally different between the two clubs.. If I had a choice I'd rather go to the Funky Planet. The drink is just too "TYPICAL" club... you know what I mean. The Funky Planet was also funny.... It was a mainly "WHITEBOY" Club ( no offense)... Man they can't dance ( NO OFFENSE AGAIN!!)... The only thing they can do is grind... Every single song.. that's it.. Grind, Grinding, Grinding...... hmmmm..... pretty hard do move your hips side to side eh!! HORNY BASTARDS!! just playin.... It's so funny though.... Then there was this funny asian guy just going everywhere thinking he can dance... He was okay.. but he's just feeling it too much....

I HATE ACCESSS!!!! Man....... anyways, no talking about school..... I'm listening to the Backstreet Boys right now .. their own version of "Lean on Me"... It's pretty good.. If you guys read Ritchie's Blog..... H to the izzo V to the izza.... haha!! Ritchie your too old man.... I think that songs awesome... I love the beat and stuff... Anyways, I'm listening to some trance thing right now.... all I can hear is tsss, tss,tsss ,tss ,tssss boom ,tss ,tsss... I usually don't really like trance music but I can listen to some of it just not too much... Now I'm listening to Lil BOW wow!!! Man diss him anytime you want.. but he's freakin good.. He can rap... "BOW WOW WOW YIP PE YO YIP PE YAY! WHERE MY DOGS AT!" I love that song.. I wish I can sound like that when I rap....all I sound like is .........

been to a lot of places
seen a lot of faces
met a lot of girls with victoria secret laces

YEAH!! I still remembered ! That was our performance about 2 years ago... Just ask Gerard or myself if you guys wanna hear any of it.... Man if we're bored we do anything.. In my computer we have 10 sets of songs with us rapping.. 1 BET interview, 1 SCENE from Menace to Soceity, 1 FOBBED out scene, we actually sang What's that song called again.. " shudup shoo be do!!! " Anyways, I don't remember right now.... WE WILL HAVE A FINAL PRESENTATION SOMETIME!!! SING, DANCE, and FLOW!! just listen up for when it is... HAHA!! I'm listening to that COTTON EYE JOE SONG!!! " WHERE DID YOU COME FROM WHERE DID YOU GO..... WHERE DID YOU COME FROM COTTON EYE JOE!!! " haha!!! I haven't listened to this for a while...... OHHHH!!! who sang that song called ," Everytime I close my Eyes" Everytime I close my eyes I thank the Lord, I got you!! .. that's a good song.. I REALLY DON'T THINK THIS BLOG IS MAKING ANY SENSE! SOrry I'm just listening to my MP3's right now....Now I'm listening to WU-TANG!! WU-TANG!!! WU-TANG!!! I like wu-tang
I'm here at school right now.. suppose to be doing my project but I'm too lazy to do anything so I won't.... I HATE ACCESS