Sunday, November 26, 2000

Have you guys ever had a time where you guys tried so hard to get something but you harsh feel like your hitting a brick wall? then all of a sudden when you feel like giving up and you feel like it's totally hopeless all of a sudden the wall doesn't seem so hard after all... You know what I mean.. you guys probably don't but I can't tell you guys the whole story cause i really don't feel like sharing my secrets to the whole world... Anywayz, life is so good right now.. i really feel so happy right now... I have been working out recently.. For like 3 days straight.. I hope that I could keep it up and not be lazy cause My target is to lose around 40 pounds.... then I'll be happy.. I'm not going to shave my little go-tee thing until I do... We'll see... i hope I could keep it up.... but yeah other than that i am also feeling happy about something else... I serve in this ministry called Couples for Christ and I have been with the Youth For Christ for about 7 years now and I recently stepped down as cluster head.. I really felt that that was the worst decision of my life... i feel like my life is going downhill from there.. all of a sudden i'm not happy anymore and stuff like that.. but this past week end I went to this camp for Singles for Christ called SWR1... it was really good ... it made me realize how much I missed serving God and singing all those songs. I'm still not completely sold on this SFC thing but at least now I kind of made the first step into going in to it.. I just feel like there is something missing in my life ever since I stepped down as cluster head.. I haven't had a worship in like 5 months or so... I have been letting other people decide on why I should serve or how i should serve.. what I have been forgetting is that God always have to be the center of my life and as long as God's in my mind I know that I will be okay.... Wow I haven't talked like this in such a long time... i will always love YFC.. I can honestly say that I'm inlove with YFC and nobody can take that away from me.... but it's time for me to see what SFC has in store for me.. I know it's God's plan and I will just let Him do his thing and I will follow what ever He wants... Okay ... check you guys later..