Thursday, December 21, 2000

What is growing up all about?? I mean you go through life and then you make mistakes and you are suppose to learn from them right... I mean that's how you become a better person right... IT's like playing basketball.. You try to do some crazy cross-over or something and then you get burned.. then you'll learn never to do it again.. it's like life let's say there was this person who long time ago did something really nasty like steal his bestfriends girl.. then this person should learn never to do that again right.. okay this person was me as; a lot of you people know.. but yeah now eventhough there is somebody that I kinda, very kinda like (okay maybe I just think she's a good person and she is pretty) but she ain't single.. as much as I'd like to do something I really can't ... I just can't ... what is this?? Am I growing up or something... wow I think I am.. but yeah.. I don't know... I just can't anymore maybe cause of the past experience I am just really being paranoid or something... I mean I wouldn't want my girlfriend to be doing something with another guy right... I don't know I'm just very thing.... oh yeah oh well..... lot's of women

Another thing on my mind which is kinda connected... what is more important .... friends or ladies... actually it's a very easy answer.. friends.... right... Again there's that old phrase " Girls come and go but Friends stay forever" a thing I've heard so many times in my life... for me I'd rather stay friends with someone than have a girl but a little thing beside it.. You know what I mean.... I'm not sure if I'm making any sense at all... but yeah... I decided to stay away from situations like that... whenever situations like this occurs.. I just stay away... it's not like I don't want to fight for a lady... not with my boys.. you know what I mean... not to sound gay or anything but I do "love" (that's gay) the boys... i would never ever do anything that would jepardize my friendship with them... you know what I mean....

Team Swollen 4 life ... throw it up!!!