Tuesday, October 02, 2001

I DON'T LIKE GOING CLUBBING!!! I just realized that over the week-end.. We'll actually I like going clubbing in the normal places and not the usual Ghetto places. There is this club close to the border called "Funky Planet".. It was pretty cool. I mean it wasn't packed or anything but I liked it. It was a nice place. People from Washington State was there and Western Washington University.. It was cool it was like a school setting.... Then comparing it to this club called "The Drink" (USED to be called Madissons).. Anyways, this place is just full of playas and hustlers.. The setting is totally different between the two clubs.. If I had a choice I'd rather go to the Funky Planet. The drink is just too "TYPICAL" club... you know what I mean. The Funky Planet was also funny.... It was a mainly "WHITEBOY" Club ( no offense)... Man they can't dance ( NO OFFENSE AGAIN!!)... The only thing they can do is grind... Every single song.. that's it.. Grind, Grinding, Grinding...... hmmmm..... pretty hard do move your hips side to side eh!! HORNY BASTARDS!! just playin.... It's so funny though.... Then there was this funny asian guy just going everywhere thinking he can dance... He was okay.. but he's just feeling it too much....

I HATE ACCESSS!!!! Man....... anyways, no talking about school..... I'm listening to the Backstreet Boys right now .. their own version of "Lean on Me"... It's pretty good.. If you guys read Ritchie's Blog..... H to the izzo V to the izza.... haha!! Ritchie your too old man.... I think that songs awesome... I love the beat and stuff... Anyways, I'm listening to some trance thing right now.... all I can hear is tsss, tss,tsss ,tss ,tssss boom ,tss ,tsss... I usually don't really like trance music but I can listen to some of it just not too much... Now I'm listening to Lil BOW wow!!! Man diss him anytime you want.. but he's freakin good.. He can rap... "BOW WOW WOW YIP PE YO YIP PE YAY! WHERE MY DOGS AT!" I love that song.. I wish I can sound like that when I rap....all I sound like is .........

been to a lot of places
seen a lot of faces
met a lot of girls with victoria secret laces

YEAH!! I still remembered ! That was our performance about 2 years ago... Just ask Gerard or myself if you guys wanna hear any of it.... Man if we're bored we do anything.. In my computer we have 10 sets of songs with us rapping.. 1 BET interview, 1 SCENE from Menace to Soceity, 1 FOBBED out scene, we actually sang What's that song called again.. " shudup shoo be do!!! " Anyways, I don't remember right now.... WE WILL HAVE A FINAL PRESENTATION SOMETIME!!! SING, DANCE, and FLOW!! just listen up for when it is... HAHA!! I'm listening to that COTTON EYE JOE SONG!!! " WHERE DID YOU COME FROM WHERE DID YOU GO..... WHERE DID YOU COME FROM COTTON EYE JOE!!! " haha!!! I haven't listened to this for a while...... OHHHH!!! who sang that song called ," Everytime I close my Eyes" Everytime I close my eyes I thank the Lord, I got you!! .. that's a good song.. I REALLY DON'T THINK THIS BLOG IS MAKING ANY SENSE! SOrry I'm just listening to my MP3's right now....Now I'm listening to WU-TANG!! WU-TANG!!! WU-TANG!!! I like wu-tang
I'm here at school right now.. suppose to be doing my project but I'm too lazy to do anything so I won't.... I HATE ACCESS

Monday, October 01, 2001

HAHA!! Ritchie's going to get obsessed with Counter Strike..!!! HEE HEE I told you so.. I was playing with him till 1:30 in the morning... Teaching him stuff and things like that. Man I'm suppose to be doing a project so see yah guys later.. I'm going to go eat.. ME SO HUNGRY!!!!