Friday, October 12, 2001

Let's see I'm at school right now bored already and I've only been here for like 15 minutes.. I got to school really early today cause I had to take the stupid bus to school. But that's not my topic for this morning. Last night I was falling asleep while driving from the usual Surrey to Richmond at 1:15 in the morning..

Then I decided why not day dream. Then I started looking back at my life and stuff. I started thinking: Why would anybody pick me as Cluster Head of YFC before? or Why would anybody pick me as the group leader in school? What's so special about "little" old me? To tell you guys the truth I don't know. But I just can't say no to responsibility. I guess I was just born a LEADER! or was I? I really have no clue. I guess GOD hand picked me from all these people to be this certain type of individual. Most of my life I always wondered what things do I excel at? (ex. Michael Jordan excels in basketball ........etc.. ) I always wanted to play every single sport out there but I never excelled in any of them.. I'm just good. But then I realized while driving home last night that I am an excellent leader. (I'M NOT BEING COCKY!! I AM) when I talk people listen. I don't care anything about attention.. I'm not the attention seeker. Example would be in school, people always check with me first on how or when I"m going to finish this project or this exam and then they will do the same thing.

During YFC times, I'm not the worlds best talker or facilitator but for some reason I think I did really good as cluster head. It's all God's work. He gave me this certain AURA ( I think that's how you spell it) or a certain charisma (I THINK?????). Anyways, I don't want anybody from school reading this so I'll get back on this topic when I get home okay.. later

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Let's see now, it's back to normal life again after that kind of "vacation" or "service" that I experienced this week-end.. It was real cool. Anyways, starting to get to the fun stuff at school now. Learning how to combine a database(ex. ACCESS) with Visual Basic... So far so good.. It's all programming now from here on except for networking essentials and business skills 3.. It should be fun now.. no more stupid Systems Analysis... Nothing much has been happenning since I got back.. We watched Training Day this past Tuesday... It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.. See it's my kind of movie but it confused the heck out of me.. I didn't like the story line.. It was okay.. SNOOP HAD ABOUT 2 MINUTES OF FAME!!!! even Dr. Dre had more of a part.. Snoop didn't even stand up... he was on a wheel-chair... Anyways, I'm getting everybody obssessed with Counter-Strike.. Even Cedric always plays it now.... At first it was just Mike Antonio, then Ritchie, then Cedric... WHO'S NEXT???? I bet it's VICTOR!!! He's a gamer... I swear I can't stop playing it... Anyways, be back later.. aights

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Wow, heck of a week-end.. Me, John, Vanessa, Victor and Rhedora(I think that's how you spell it), went to Edmonton this past long week-end to help Debby and Butch serve at the Great Adventure Week-end. It was totally awesome. Vic drove both ways the whole way (CRAZY!!!) (It's the pride thing again) Anyways, he also got a speeding ticket on the way back plus he couldn't find his wallet so you can imagine having 5 people searching a 2002 Explorer with a cop lights on and everything parked behind us... It was pretty cool.. I got a smoke break...

Anyways, that wasn't the main topic of the week-end.. It was nice to serve again.. Did my first talk in like 3 years? I was so scared and also I led a discussion group for the first time in like 3 years too... That was cool also... Made Cheers and all that stuff which was cool but the main thing was that I was back to doing something I love and feel so at home. It was cool.. First time I ever worked with the full-time workers ( Butch and Debby ), which was really cool.. Cause if you don't know me very well I could care less about the full-timers except of the people straight from the Phils (ex. Kuya Louis and Kuya Raffy).... So that was kind of cool... My talk was about I love you just the way you are and it's basically about loving yourself for what God has given you cause everybody is beautiful in their own unique way.... It was awesome .. I liked that talk.. Eventhough I still don't think my talk while I was talking didn't make any sense.. I GUESS I DID!! Oh well.... That was totally awesome... OH YEAH!! I ONLY HAD A TOTAL OF 2 SMOKES for the whole week-end... THAT WAS CRAZY!!!! man was I drinking lots of coffee..... After the camp when we went back to the coordinators house and I had a smoke... HOLY LIGHT HEADED!!! Anyways, it was awesome didn't have lots of smoke.... didn't spend lots of money ( EXCEPT BUYING DEBBY DRINKS (2) CAUSE SHE KEPT BEATING ME AT POOL)... Hey I beat her twice.... See we had this bet cause she took my smokes and if she beats me 3 times then I buy her a smirnoffs and then if I beat her twice then she gives me back my smokes...( I MADE THIS BET KNOWING THAT SHE'S REALLY GOOD AT POOL AND I HAVEN'T PLAYED IN LIKE 3 YEARS) She killed me!!! ANyways,, I 'm bored at home now cause I didn't go to school today so, I'm about to head out and chill so see you all later aights...