Thursday, October 18, 2001

Wow I haven't blogged in such a long time. I hope people still read my blog.. Anyways, getting ready for this SWR2 thing this week-end. I'm not really that excited. I'm getting used to this "don't expect anything then you won't be disappointed" phrase with the singles. I didn't expect anything from the last General Assembly and guess what it was really good. Some lady from the AGAPE group shared some stuff.. For all of you guys who don't know AGAPE is a ministry where these people walk the "bad" streets of Vancouver and gives candies and other things to "street" ladies. They basically support the people in those streets.. She was talking about how much she wants more people to join them and stuff. She also said don't be scared cause it said so in the Bible: " Do not be afraid ...... " or something like that (heehee!) sorry I don't remember the passage exactly but she was saying that she doesn't get scared about getting diseases or getting killed cause she knows that God's there protecting her and stuff.. Which was really cool... She also said that with her 3 years of doing this she's only been harrassed 15 times by pimps and other guys.. I was like 15 times... that's one too many for me.. Damn... She's really good at this though..

My mom told me a story once cause for some reason Richmond Hospital calls my house to ask my parents to pray for people in the hospital.. One story my mom was telling me was that she had to pray over this hooker/drug addict in the hospital.. She was told not to give her any money.. So my mom first called her and asked her what she needed.. The lady asked for a toothbrush... Wow! Something we take for granted is so important to other people. Anyways, she talked to this lady( she was a native ), and she was asking if she believed in God... She did.. She said that she believed in the creator and stuff.. Anyways, my mom prayed over her...
Another time, my mom was asked to pray over this kid in the hospital for some fatal diseas.. I don't remember what but she prayed over her and gave her one of my mom's Baby Jesus figures straight from Czech(I think!! somewhere in Europe, where my parents went after Africa), now this Baby Jesus has been blessed, prayed over, went to church( yes your hearing it right.. someone actually brings these figures to church to get blessed)... Then probably like 3 months ago, someone called our house, and it was the mom of the little kid. She is okay now.. She's not sick anymore and she was just thanking my mom for the support.. Miracles happen in our everyday life, sometimes we don't even realize it. I really believe that God is powerful. more than anyone can imagine.. I just hope that I won't be lazy and start serving him again. See I always have these talks with some of my classmates at school cause one of them supposedly studied all about these different religions. He always asks me How do you know that God is real? I always tell him.. You know what I really don't have any physical proof, but I just know and I started telling him about all the stuff that happenned in YFC... the camps, talks and stuff.. Anyways...

Oh wow, I just had a cause of DEJA VU!!! Someone's messing with the Matrix! (just playing)... Anyways, I didn't do anything these past 2 days besides school and STUPID WALK HOME!! Did I ever tell you guys I HATE WALKING!!! hrrrrrrrrr!!! It was raining so hard today too... man!!!! Can't I graduate already.. Next May still.... how many month's is that.... 7months still... dang.. Oh well.. having fun in school anyways.. We're finally learning real stuff.. ACCESS with VISUAL BASIC!! I like it.. Starting the project tomorrow.. Suppose to be hard according to Cedric. (he's a month ahead of me)... Time to play counter strike so see you all later... aights..

Monday, October 15, 2001

Sorry I didn't blog the follow up concerning my last blog but I've been too lazy this whole week-end to blog or anything.... Nothing much really happenned this week-end except for the General Assembly and the Music Ministry practise for the SFC..... Other than that nothing new really.... I heard Mike and Kim is going out now YEP!!!!! and also Rosabelle and Randolph... What the.... Another long distance thing What the again... I swear I had a topic to talk about but my mind completely went blank.... Nothing much change around here... Still Counter Strikin it.... Still watching tv, bread garden... same old stuff... Birthday's coming up though.... NO RITCHIE.. NO MORE DRINKING!!! I'd like to remember my birthday this year please.... anyways.. getting tired so see you all later